Honor The Pope

Catholic Democrats ran a front page advertisement in The Hill newspaper (see below) to welcome Pope Francis to the United States and to convey our prayers for him.  The Hill is a leading non-partisan publication that focuses on “inside the beltway” politics and public policy issues.

The ad ran on Thursday, September, 24th, the day that Pope Francis addressed a joint meeting of the United States Congress.  We are gratified to have the opportunity to welcome Pope Francis through our HonorThePope.org Website and with this ad.

We think that you may agree with U.S. Representative James McGovern (D-MA) who said in an interview, “I have been waiting for this pope my entire life.  I find him inspirational and I know a lot of other people do, not just Catholics.”  If you feel that way too, please consider making a contribution to help cover the costs of this ad.  Any amount would be greatly appreciated.